obile Waterproofing’s Outside System Step-By-Step:

  • Job foreman will take homeowner around home and explain what we are going to do.
  • We start by removing any obstacles around the perimeter of the home.
  • We excavate the around the home. If you home was back-filled with clay or other unsuitable soil, we will load into dump trucks and Mobile Waterproofing will haul it away.
  • Cleaning the wall is the next step.  We pressure wash or wire brush exterior walls.
  • Inspect walls for cracks, holes or any other problems.  Then we correct them.
  • Now is a good time to add an Egress at 1/2 price (click on link or see Egress section)
  • Mobile Waterproofing then sprays on TruDry™ membrane.  A polymer modified asphalt emulsion 40 mils thick.  The membrane’s elasticity bridges any small cracks which may develop over time
  • Add 3 mil polyethylene sheeting
  • To protect the system from damage from debris during back-fill we install 1/2″ Dow insulation or drainage mat
  • Before we back-fill we add perforated 4″ drain tile and install clean outs.
  • The clean outs allow the customer or Mobile Waterproofing he ability to inspect or do routine maintenance on the system from the surface.  This could  include camera inspections, adding root killer or auger the tile to clean obstructions or blockages.
  • 18 inches of pea stone is added for drainage
  • Drain tile and stone is then wrapped with Geotex fabric to prevent dirt from getting into the system
  • Back-fill with sand or current soil if it suitable
  • Slope soil for proper drainage.
  • Fill in any lawn damage with black dirt and level.
  • System is complete

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