Mobile Waterproofing is capable of fixing any foundation problem

The foundation of your home is truly the most important component of its construction.  A poor foundation will not only diminish the integrity of a building but can even condemn it for demolition. It takes a company with 40+ years of experience performing waterproofing, constructing and repairing foundations like Mobile Waterproofing to get the job done.

Why?  Simple:

  • We know how to stay clear of quick fixes that will only waste your time and money
  • We maintain 3 certified employees in analyzing and installation of helical systems
  • All our major structural repairs are stamped by a certified engineer

The fact is, foundation problems will not fix themselves. Cracks in basement walls, cracks in brick, a sinking foundation, chimneys moving away from the home, windows and doors that suddenly won’t open or close, etc. indicate a major problem.  A simple $800 repair can turn into a wall replacement if the structural issues are ignored.  The sooner you address the problem, the less expensive the repair will be.

Causes of Foundation Failure

Improper drainage is a leading cause of foundation failures.  Excess moisture will erode or consolidate soils and cause settlement. Plugged outside drain tiles can force water under the footing, undermining the footing as it passes to the inside.

During dry periods,  evaporation will dry the soil and will often cause the soil to shrink beneath the foundation.  This settlement may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.

The good news is Mobile Waterproofing can address all of these issues and more!

Foundation Repair & Restoration Services Mobile Waterproofing Provides

  • We fix cracks in basement walls and floors using epoxy or urethane injection.
  • We fix bowed walls by stabilizing with the installation of properly sized steel beams, rebar and cement, or install carbon fiber straps
  • We excavate and straighten bowing walls
  • We lift and level fireplaces, whole walls or porches with the installation of helical piers
  • We install helical piers to stabilize sinking foundations
  • We do complete basement wall replacement
  • We install clean outs to allow you, the home owner, or us, Mobile Waterproofing, to service the drain tiles from the surface

First we use our 40+ years of  experience to identify the source of the problem and resolve it.  Then our crews go about repairing your foundation. We not only fix the problem,  we fix the underlying problem, too!

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