If you have a leaky basement, you’re probably wondering which is best…

An inside system or outside system?

At Mobile Waterproofing this is a question we get everyday.

Every basement is unique to your individual house.  Since we install about 40% inside systems and 60% outside systems, we will offer the best method to match your needs.

  • If you plan to finish your basement and turn it into valuable living space or want to keep condensation and odors out of the basement,  or have a structural problem (bowed or cracked walls) an outside system is probably for you.
  • If you are only concerned with removal of water from the basement floor for the least amount of investment, then an inside system may be the best way to go.

National waterproofers offer inside systems only and apply it to every application.

Because they travel long distances with a 3 man crew in a truck they cannot afford to move a dump truck, back hoe, arrange for a place to dispose of clay, source local stone, tile, waterproofing membrane, and sand from two hours away. So that’s why they sell inside systems only, and tell you it is the best.

They also spread a lot of misinformation about outside waterproofing. Click here and let us dispel those claims.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though.  Here’s a good article about basement water problems, causes, and repair methods from the University of Minnesota.

So, which option is best for you?

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