Mobile Waterproofing sprays on a TruDry™ membrane for all new basements.

TruDry™ is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion 40 mils thick that, because of its elasticity, bridges any small cracks which may develop over time.   Our workers also get in the hole and spray 2 coats of waterproofing on all new construction.

A lot of the competition sprays on only 1 coat of “damp proofing”  — not to be confused with waterproofing — and sprays from the surface with a long pole sprayer and does not get in the hole.  That is not the way to spray a basement correctly.  That’s why you should always ask your builder if they are going to damp proof or waterproof you new home.

PLUS, Mobile Waterproofing is a certified House Guard applicator.  While a builder’s warranty is only for 1 year, Mobile Waterproofing’s warranty is backed by House Guard for 10 to 20 years!*

*(Ask us how to get the 10 year or 20 year warranty at no extra charge!)

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