Mobile Waterproofing has a full line of inside waterproofing method’s.  Our technology has successfully fixed over 50,000 basements in the US and Canada.

We are not high pressure commission sales force,  I promise you the following:

  1. Our sales person will not ask you to sign contract in your home.  We always go back to the office, figure the best soulution to you unique foundation and mail you a proposal.
  2. We will not call you back 3 times to lower our price like the guys on TV and Radio,  we give you a fair price the 1st time.  The only call you will get from Mobile Waterproofing is to make sure you understand our proposal.(Fee hint: If someone offers you $500 discount to sign at your home or checks with his boss and can: “get you in next week if you sign now”.  Hang on to your wallet with both hands and get a second estimate from someone else)
  3. Some companies spend more money a day advertising, then we do in a month.  You can guess who pays for it.

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